Dark Cloth Focusing Hood For 4X5 5X7 8X10 Large Format Camera Wrapping 100cm 130cm 150cm

Brand: Cnscope
Product Code: Dark Cloth
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Dark Cloth Focusing Hood For 5x7 8x10 Large Format Camera Wrapping 100cm 130cm 150cm 

Product Feature:

This item is made of fabrics cloth, light weight (about 0.9 lb), breathable and water-proof. It's red inside, and black outside.  Measuring
100cm x 100cm, larger enough for 4x5 format
130cm x 130cm, larger enough for either 4x5 or 5x7 format (this size is black inside, and silver/gray outside. )
150cm x 150cm, larger enough for either 5x7 or 8x10 format
You can wrap your camera with it also .

High quality and bid it confident.

Directed from factory,welcome wholesaler!!
pls choose the size ad your requirment.




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