New 1.25 inch Non-Rotate double Helical focuser 0.1mm scale for T-mount Adapter

Product Code: 1.25 inch double Helical
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New 1.25 inch Non-Rotate double Helical focuser 0.1mm scale for T-mount Adapter                             



Product Feature:

High Precision double helical focuser for guider scope / finder scope Interface

Accuracy 0.1MM

Interface :1.25 inch with M42*0.75 male thread

Primary mirror interfaces; M36X1

Focusing stroke; 1CM

Minimum length; 43MM

Longest; 53MM

Weight; 95 g

it is one part rotate to make this adapter long or short to focus,and eyepiece holder did not rotate,thankyou!.

  •  Directed from factory,welcome wholesaler!!


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