Adjustable Iris aperture diaphragm 2-44mm w/ M42X1 M52x1 Thread For Focuse Tube

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The reason to have both M52x1mm female/ male threads is that you can use easy-to-get universal M52X1mm adapters with this one for your application...  Otherwise, with only the Iris Diaphragm itself, you need to find a way to attach it to your lens/adapters, etc... which often times is not easy or at least not elegant :-)

these are high quality item, usually used in camera or projection lenses, can also be used with some mount adapters for adjusting the aperture.

the dimension of the Iris:

Max. aperture diameter: appro 44mm

min. aperture diameter: appro 2mm

the dimension of the outer casing:

outside diameter: appro 71mm

thickness: appro 12.3mm (w/o the male M52 thread); appro 17.3mm (w/ the male M52x1mm thread)

Diaphragm blades amount: 16

Material for metal,reliable performance.Durable.


Packing List

one pc adjustable Iris aperture 2-44mm with male / female thread M52x1mm or M42X1MM for camera according to your choose


Other size you can choose ,thankyou!

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