Camera Lens Adapter Adjustable IRIS DIAPHRAGM Aperture 3-50.8mm 11 Blades

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IRIS DIAPHRAGM Aperture Blade For Camera Lens Adapter 3-50.8mm 11 Blades                                            

Product Feature:


Iris series products can provide holes of different diameter in order to satisfy the different requirements through light in an optical system,by adjusting the handle to change the aperture diameter.A variety of models for choice. 


The adjustable iris aperture made by high quality aluminium alloy and steel,use for Microscope,Camera,Spectroscope and other optical instruments ...
Iris aperture info:
Outside diameter: ø76.4mm(3.0inch)
Thickness: 7mm(0.27inch)
Maximum aperture diameter: ø50.80mm(2.0inch)
Minimum aperture diameter: ø3.00mm(0.12inch)
Weight :60g
Diaphragm blades amount: 11

Material for metal,reliable performance.Durable.

Directed from factory,welcome wholesaler!!


Packing List

one pc adjustable Iris aperture 3-50.8mm

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