New DSLR / SLR Digital Camera For 1.25" Telescope Eyepiece Filter Thread Adapter

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We are delighted to offer for sale this this finely made Digital Camera Adapter made especially for Single Lens Reflex cameras (SLRs) or Digital SLRs with a 28mm,43mm,49mm,55mm,58mm filter thread and telescopes with a 1.25" focuser (standard size on most telescopes).

If you want to try photography using your SLR - digital or film, and compact digital cameras fitted with a filter thread - then this may be the piece of kit for you.

pitch of the threads on this adapter is 0.75

It is a well engineered accessory made from aluminium with an anodised finish to minimise spurious refletions that might spoil your imaging.

This sturdy, but lightweight, adapter is threaded to connect to the filter threads on the camera lens.

The other end fits over your chosen eyepiece (maximum outside diameter 34mm) and is secured using the three screws. These are also used to adjust the optimum position of your eyepiece in relation to your camera so that you get the focusing just right. A good tip is that once you have your eyepiece aligned correctly only undo just one of the three screws to remove it and then it will be so much easier to align it next time - remember to mark which screw you loosened though!

If you have eyepieces with a rubber eye cup, that can easily be slipped off so that your eyepiece will slide into the adapter.

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