Microscope 3.0MP USB Digital Camera Eyepiece

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Product Feature:

You are bidding a brand new, high resolution digital eyepiece camera for microscope! This camera has standard c-mount body, which captures higher pixel density images as 2048*1536 (3.0MP), large field of view (FOV) for higher resolution imaging requirements. It allows you to blow up your acquired image to search for any detailed information(Please refer to our smaple images as listed). with upgraded USB2.0, the camera can capture and transfer images in a faster manner compare with USB1.0 cameras. You can take both alive  video and still images! This camera has the most advnaced software compared to others' in that: 

  • Lowest price!
  • High density pixels up to 2048*1536, 3.0 MP
  • High optical resolution
  • Fitting any type of microscope, including 23.2, 30.0mm eyepiece tube, and c-mount photo-tube
  • No additional accessories required
  • Coupling through ocular tube or/and trinocular port
  • CE FC certified for European applications
  • Warranty: We guarantee that this is the best microscope digital camera with outstanding value .
  •  We are so confident that if you are not satisfied with product, we will fully refund you!
  • We provide top quality service power-seller and EARNED 100% positive feedback! Our business goal is to care about you! To discern the quality product and service we provided to our pahppy custmmers.
  • Again, anything you concern, we care!


  • Image sensor                         1/2" CMOS, 3.0 MP Chip
  • Max Resolution                       (Still abd Live) 2048*1536 Pixel
  • Sensitivity                              0.44 V/Lux - Sec at 550 nm
  • Max fps                                  3 fps (2048*1536), 25 fps (1280*1024) or 30 fps (1024x768)
  • Controlling                              Image size, bright, gain, exposure time etc
  • Data interface                         USB 2.0 / 480 Mb/s
  • Usage                                    Ocular tube, Photo-tube
  • File format                             BMP, TIFF, JGP, PICT, PLT
  • System requirements               Win XP/Vista/7(32 and 64 bits)
  • Accessories                            USB cable, eyepiece adapters
  • White balance                        Automatic/manual
  • Lens interface                        C/Cs mount
  • Filter                                     RGB Bayer
  • Scan mode                             Progress
  • S/N ratio                               40dB
  • RGB                                      8 bit
  • Exposure                               Electronic Rollling Shutter

Shipping Packages

  1. 1X microscope digital eyepiece camera (cs/c mount thread on camera body)
  2. Free User-friendly advanced softwares
  3. 1.5 m USB cable
  4. User manual
  5. one 23.2mm adaptor

Why choose our microscope digital cameras?

  • Allows you to capture video and still images
  • fully function post processing and measurement capability, including size, angle, area, reticule, cell count, contrast, sharpness, exposure control, color offset, layers.... etc
  • Fully supports Window systems XP2/Vistafor both 32 and 64 bits system
  • You can use others software like Amcap, ACDSee, PhotoShop or your own application to records live videos on your computer with included DSHOW and TWAIN drivers  

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