Corss Dot 0.01MM Microscope Stage Micrometer Calibration Slide w/ 4-Scales

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New Stage Micrometer Calibration Slide w/ 4-Scales for Microscope

Product Feature:

Slide size: 25mm*75mm 

A Precision Stage Micrometer with 4-scales 

Great for Calibrating Your Microscope or Microscope Camera Reticle 

1mm Total Length Subdivided into 100 Divisions 

Each Division is 0.01mm Across 

Brightly Illuminated Grid Lines 

Precision Ground Glass Slide

Cross-Line Scale (Vertical and Horizontal divisions) 0.01mm

Plain cross scale 0.1mm (detail pls check the picture)

Calibration Dots (0.15mm)

Calibration Dots (0.07mm)

this calibration slide in white box  which with sponge,very  luxury and delicate,as the picture show.

Direct from factory,lowest price,welcome wholesaler!!!

if you can find more cheaper price slide,pls take note,some slide are print by black ink,easy to be erased.but our slide was plated by Chrome which is indelible.

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