Hydrothermal Autoclave Reactor with Teflon Chamber Hydrothermal Synthesis

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Hydrothermal synthesis reactor, also known as digestion, pressure melting bombs, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, high temperature and pressure digestion vessels, PTFE high-pressure tank is in a certain temperature and pressure conditions, certain synthetic chemicals supplied reactor. It is widely used new materials, energy, environmental engineering and other fields of scientific research and experiments, is university teaching, scientific research units commonly used small reactors.

2. Feature
The hydrothermal synthesis reactor using high-quality stainless steel processing. Kettle kettle lid body and sealed with durable, reliable cable seal structure, the sealing effect long-term stability without leakage.
The hydrothermal synthesis reactor with external heating, to reduce the volume and more favorable reaction in the same reactor operating temperature (such as multiple reactor placed in an oven heated).
3. Main indicators
(1). Operating temperature: 230c
(2). Working pressure:  3MPa (gauge)
(3). Heating, cooling rate: 5 c / min
(4) specification 25,50,100,150,200,250 ml other customized according to user needs.
4 methods of operation
The reaction means and the reactor body, and to ensure feeding coefficient is less than 0.8. When the Department of corrosive reaction when you want to put PTFE bush, can only be assured kettle body from corrosion. Hydrothermal synthesis reactor will be placed on the heater, in accordance with the provisions of the heating rate of heating to the desired reaction temperature (less than the required safety temperature). Completion of the reaction will be when its cool, but also in strict accordance with the provisions of the cooling rate operation, to facilitate the safety and reactor life. When confirmation of intra-abdominal temperature below the boiling point solvents reaction system can only open the tank lid after a follow-up operation.
Hydrothermal synthesis reactor each time after use to clean, to avoid corrosion.
Kettle body, kettle lid seal line to pay particular attention to clean and prevent damage to the bumps.


the material of hydrothermal synthesis reactor :


this item was made of 304 quality stainless steel kettle, using a circular tongue and groove seal, manual spiral sturdy having good sealing, high safety factor, consume less acid solvent, easy to use!

Liner made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE referred to F4), which features:

1. temperature: temperature -200 ~ + 250 ℃;

2. Low temperature: -196 ℃ to maintain 5%;

3. corrosion resistance: resistant to acid, alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents;

4. Insulation resistance: dielectric properties with temperature and frequency-independent;

5. High-lubricating: the friction coefficient of the solid material in the bottom;

6. not adhere to: do not adhere to any substance; self-lubrication and strong: the solid material friction coefficient is 0.04

7. No poison: a physiologically inert, can be implanted in the human body; anti-aging long-term use in the atmosphere

8. Pollution Prevention: Metal element blank value is low, the lead content less than 10-11 g / ml, the uranium content less than 10-12 g / ml;


9. Anti-Leak: 1.2 meters high from the ground fall, the bottle is not broken, caps do not fall off, no damage leakage.

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