Telescope Camera QHY style Color High Speed for Guiding & Planetary Astronomical

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Telescope Camera QHY style Color High Speed for Guiding & Planetary Astronomical                                         



Product Feature:

This camera is a high frame rate Planetary Camera also excellent guide star camera, USB2.0 interface bandwidth to an extreme; ASCOM compatible and WDM framework agreement, dedicated to astronomy software basically done shooting universality; 12 ADC sampling , lossless output, support for RAW, FITS, AVI and other formats,Too aggressive play in post-processing for the astronomical full shooting under.
this camera has accumulated two years of effort, in less than four square centimeters on a piece of board spelled out in good faith use of materials, crystal, tantalum capacitors, CMOS, we have used the best physique, and never for a few cents of profit to save a capacitive multi-patch. From feeding to patch process monitoring, automatic placement machine Siemens guarantees the quality of the patch. Take the amount in exchange for cost reduction, so that every enthusiast can afford is our pursuit!
This camera is professional for planetary Astronomical.
CMOS chips: MT9P006 
CMOS Size: 1 / 2.5 in. 
Effective pixels quantity: 2592 * 1944 
Pixel size: 2.2um * 2.2um 
Focusing range 20 mm to infinity
Depth of field: 50 mm to infinity
Scintillation control: 50 hz or 60 hz
Readout type: Progressive Scan 
Shutter: Electronic rolling shutter 
Exposure time: 20us-1min 
Maximum frame rate: 
Binning: 1024 * 768 and 800 * 600 color BIN22 
Peak quantum efficiency color: Blue 58% 48% @ 62% @ @ Green Red 
ADC digits: 8bit and 12bit (output) 
Sensitivity: 1.53V / lu * s (550nm) 
Pixel rate readout: 48MHz 
Mechanical interface: 1.25 inches eyepiece size (diameter 31.6mm) 
Glass window color version with 22mm 680nm IR cut filter 
BFL: about 17.5mm (when using the standard C-necked glass window) 
Weight :( body only) 45g (excluding the stop ring) 
Power Consumption: 0.64W 
Guide star Interface: 6-pin RJ11 
USB2.0 interface: Yes 
Standard Edition: body, stop ring, USB cable, guiding lines, 1.25 prolong tube
Single frame capture storage formats: BMP
Dynamic capture storage format: AVI
Software compatibility support: Windows98, WindowsME, Windows, Windows xp, Windows 7, windows 8 and high version.

Packing list:

One camera body

one Location Ring with 2 screw

1x 180 degree Wide-angle lens with dust cover

one 20mm length 1.25"extension tube for c-mount  with filter for focusing

one adapter for 1.25" filter

one usb line

one guide line 

 Directed from factory,welcome wholesaler!!

the following picture was taken by this camera for your reference.



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