Monocular Microscope 40 LED ALUMINUM RING LIGHT Illuminator Adjustable

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Product Feature:

Female thread 28*0.75,Male thread M42*0.75,Outer Diameter 63mm as picture show,can be connected to most Monocular Microscope
1.Power Supply: AC 90-265V, 50/60Hz
2.Output: 12V 3.8W
3.Lamp Life: Minimum 100,000 hours
4.Led color andColor Temperature: cold white 6400K (or book)
5.Liner adjustable brightness0~100%
6.40 LED Bulbs
7.Male thread M42*0.75,Female thread M28*0.75
8.The Power Box Dimensions: 104×60×33mm
9.Working distance: 40 ~ 160mm
10.Effective optical distance: 75mm
11.Effective optical diameter: 30mm
12.Metal shell


One 40-LED Aluminum Ring Light
One Control Box
One Power Cable

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