NEW 160 LED Adjustable Microscope Ring Light Illuminators

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NEW 160 LED Adjustable Microscope Ring Light Illuminators 

Product Feature:

This products is long life,energy-saving. It use MCU technology to control the light to be  PWM liner adjustment,soft,with no flash and good consistency.The lamp and the controler is dependent,so the different lamp with the same interface can connect to the same controller.


                       1.Power Supply: AC 90-265V, 50/60Hz

                       2.Output: 12V  6W

                       3.Lamp Life: Minimum 100,000 hours

                       4.Led color andColor Temperature: cold white 6400K 

                       5.Liner adjustable brightness0~100%

                       6.160 LED Bulbs

                       7.Inner Dia. size:60.5mm,outer Dia. size:93mm 

                       8.Metal shell

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