2015 Adjustable LED Biological MICROSCOPE Illuminator Plug-in ALUMINUM LIGHT

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Biological MICROSCOPE LED Light Illuminator Adjustable 110V-240V Light Source
Product Features:

Plug-in Biological microscope  LED bulbs aluminum; 

100,000 hours of life; 

Power 0.18W; 

Input Voltage:110v-240v; 

Output Voltage:6V/200mA; 

this light if much better than common bulb; 

1.Low temperature to avoid burn your hand; 

2.Low Output Voltage for safe; 

3.100,000 hours of life; 

4.the light can be adjustable, and the light is very soft. 

pls note that  the dimmer would not turn led off, it always stayed on if Plug in the power, thankyou! 

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