New 1.3 MP Microscope C-Mount Digital Camera + 0.5X Eyepiece Lens Adapter

Product Code: 1.3MP Camera with 0.5x lens
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New 1.3 MP Microscope C-Mount Digital Camera W/ SDK + 0.5X Eyepiece Lens Adapter                                           


Product Feature:

1.Responding to manufacture progre ive-scan 1/2 inch image sensor

 2.Adopts the image resolution: 1024 * 1280,16 frame/sec, 800*600,30 frames/sec

 3.The maximum resolution: 1280 * 1024

4.USB2.0 interface, digital transmission adopts maximum data rate 480MPS

5.Responding to support standard C interface, lens and various customization lens

 6.Responding to support Windows XP 32bit ,Wind 7  64bit operating system

 7.high-definition images, color reduction, exposure, the white balance, brightness, contrast and saturation and chromaticity software automatic control.

 8.installation is simple in operation, through USB2.0 interface, do not need additional acquisition equipment, plug and play, can obtain the real-time digital image compression, the operation is simple, image acquisition software interface wysiwyg

9.a dynamic video functions, it is very convenient for compressed format.

Shipping Packages

  • One Digital Camera

  • One 1.5m USB Line

  • One software Disc with SDK,and you can manage it at your own software.

  • 0.5x  C-MOUNT adapter

  • Two adapters from 23.2mm to 30mm and 30.5mm 


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