New Portable 2.0MP USB Digital Microscope Camera zoom in 1X to 42X

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New Portable 2.0MP USB Digital Microscope Camera zoom in 1X to 42x                                       

Product Feature:

  • Low power magnification
    zoom in 1x to 42x
    High power magnification 210x
    Microscope Work Distance less than 5mm to infinity
    Illumination 8 pcs LED ring light
    Focus Mode Large hand-wheel, double spiral rail
    Software management, capture, editing function Photo management: create, open, save, import picture files.
    Image capture: equipment switch, parameter setting, shooting, full-screen browsing.
    Picture Editor: rotation, scaling, cropping, modification, e-mail, print.
    Dynamic display resolution 1600*1200
    Static camera resolution 1600*1200
    Dynamic Recording Resolution 1600*1200
    USB line 1.5M
    Weight 0.12KG

Technical indicators


Sensor parameters
1/3” 2.0Mega Pixels CMOS
Maximum resolution 1600*1200
USB Port USB 2.0
Frame rate 7.5 f/s @ 1600*1200
Preview mode 1600*1200,1280*1024,640*480, 320*240
Dynamic range 68dB
Sensitivity 1.0V/lux-sec@550nm
Response in the wavelength 400nm---1000nm
Shutter Type ERS(electronic rolling shutter)
White Balance Auto
Power USBPort(5V)
Magnification 42X   and 210X
Operating system WindowsXPSP2,Vista,win7

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