Microscope 5.0MP HD USB Digital Eyepiece Camera Adapter fit 23.2mm 30mm 30.5mm

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Microscope 5.0MP HD USB Digital Eyepiece Camera Adapter fit 23.2mm 30mm 30.5mm                                                

Product Feature:

 The image with high resolution, best Color reduction, Exposure time,White balance, contrast, brightness and saturation auto control by software.

Simple installation and operation, USB2.0 PNP
With dynamic video function, easy to save.
1/2.5" inch line to line scan image sensor, 5 million dynamic pixel
image resolution: 2592*1944,15fps; 1920*1080,30fps
No driver, USB 2.0 digital transmission interface ,PNP, Data transmission rate highest can amount to 480 MPS
Aluminum alloy, surface oxidation treatment
Applications: Microscopic imaging, the common image acquisition, macro imaging, etc
But the software is necessar,
The program AMCAP and Digital viewer, camera can work.
Hardware(sensor):1/2.5"color 5.0M CMOS (real )
Fitting 3 mounting sizes: 23mm, 30mm, 30.5mm
Sensitivity: 1.4V/lux-sec@550nm
Resolution: 2592*1944 Effective Pixels
Pixel Size: 2.2μmm x 2.2μm
USB: USB2.0 (480 Mbit / sec)
Frame Rate: 2592*1944,15fps ; 1920*1080,30fps
Power: DC 5V +-5%
Working current: about 200 mA
White Balance: AUTO
SNR: 42.3 dB
Exposure control: auto
Scanning mode: line-by-line
System: Windows XP SP2, VISTA, Win7, Win8
Working temperature: -30°C~+70°C
there is no software CD,The program AMCAP and digital viewer,camera can work. 
Shipping Packages
  • 1x  5.0M Pixel Digital Camera
  • 1x  0.01mm calibration slide
  • 1x  Eyepiece adaptor 23.2mm to 30mm
  • 1x Eyepiece adaptor 23.2mm to 30.5m
  • 1x USB cable

 Directed from factory,welcome wholesaler!!



 Directed from factory,welcome wholesaler!!

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