3 in 1 Microscope 2.0MP Digital Camera eyepiece 3.6 Inch LCD Monitor

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pls note:this item do not including the computer and microscope,it just show you how to use the digital camera.thankyou!

 This camera can fit to Monocular microscope,binocular microscope,Trinocular microscope (Biological Microscope,Stereo Microscope and Tool Microscope and so on).this camera can insert to tube of the microscope,and connect to the digital camera also.this item is 45 angle easy to fit to different microscope.

three in one,outside door or somewhere computer are unvaliable to realiz the digital function.in Laboratory use USB type ,easy to operate.in Classroom or workshop use AV type,so many people to see at same time.

it is small and light,so it do not change the Stability and Balance of the microscope

The keyboard picture browse 8x continuous digital zoomsupport the picture frame up and down about search browse function

there are 23.2mm/30mm/30.5mm adatpers to fit different microscope

it can compatible windows 2k/winXP/Vista operate system.    


this camer,digital camera,USB digital camera,AV digital camera,three in one.it have digital camera function,it can connect to computer,and TV also.

there are three type:


camera type-----you can use the 3.6 inch LCD screen to browse,take picture and save the picture in the SD card.this SD card is 2G.


USB type--------put the Image signal into the computer ,under software control to achieve dynamic observation, filming,recording, measuringand editing functions

TV type--------the image signal input on the TV screen were observed.





1/2”2.0MP Mega Pixels CMOS



Optical magnification 10x



USB 2.0

Frame rate

30 f/s @ 640*480






0.9 V/lux-sec@550nm

Spectrum response


Shutter Type

ERS(electronic rolling shutter)

White Balance

Auto and Manual


23.2mm30mm or 30.5mm

USB line


System support

32 bit and 64 bit Windows2000XPVistaWindows7,Window8


PC Basic configuration

Pentium4 2.0GHz or more

512MB RAM or more

USB 2.0 Port,

17” Monitor

pls note,this item do not including the computer and microscope.it just show how to use the digital camera,thankyou!


Shipping Packages

  • Digital Camera as picture show 
  • USB Line
  • VGA line
  • One adapter 23.2mm to 30mm
  • One software DISC(english langue)

PS:there are two way for the power,one is computer,if you connect the item to pc,it will be powered by pc.(AS picture show)
if you connect this item to TV,there is an power adapter(110-240V),you can get the power directly.

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