2.0MP HD C-mount Industry Microscope Digital Camera VGA Output Lab W/ Crosshair

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2.0MP HD C-mount Industry Microscope Digital Camera VGA Output Lab W/ Crosshair


  Applied to a wide range of electronics and precision machinery enlarged image; assembly quality miniature IC and electronic components detection; PCB SMT factory and factory production testing; Medicine 

Homes, schools, scientific research departments for research, experimentation, testing, analysis; printing test, jewelry identification, and other fields.

2.0MP effective pixels 1600X1200, 15 to 45 frames / sec, resolution of 900TV-Lines 

4 crosshair, crosshairs optional number, color, line width, full screen display, can be moved to any position, and you can hide all crosshairs also. 

VGA Output Resolution: 800X600 60Hz, 1024X768 60Hz, 1280X1024 60Hz, 1366X768 60Hz, 1440X900 60Hz, 1600X1200 60Hz, 1920X1080 60Hz 

     English menu easy to operate. 

     Directly connected to the computer monitor, real-time video image viewing, image clear and stable, flicker-free, the eyes close for a long time is not fatigue. 

High Quality, High Resolution, Clear Images,


One year warranty

Model Sensor 2.0MP,1/3" CMOS Color
Full Resolution 1600H*1200V
Data bits 8bit
Pixel size 2.8μm*2.8μm
Frame rate 15 to 45 frame/Second  15fps@1600*1200,  30fps@1024*768,45fps@800*600
resolution above 800TV line
Scanning Progressive
Shutter Type Electronic Shutter
Dynamic Range >63dB
SNR 44dB
Sensitivity 1.0 V/lux-sec (550nm)
Exposure time 10μs–60ms,auto
WB auto
Lens Mount C/CS
Video Interface Standard VGA interface 
VGA output support 800X600 60Hz,1024X768 60Hz(Default),1280X1024 60Hz,1366X768 60Hz
1440X900 60Hz,1600X1200 60Hz, 1920X1080 60Hz
The number crosshairs 4 Group,8 Article crosshairs,the color of the corsshairs can be changed
Operating Temperature  -60℃
Power Supply Externa l5V DC (±10%)
Current 450mA
Power 2W
Volume 50*50*95(mm)

Packing list:

One Camera with C-mount

One 5V power supply

One VGA line

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