1.3MP USB Digital Camera Eyepiece For Microscope

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1.3MP USB Digital Camera Eyepiece For Microscope                                           

Product Feature:

this Camera For a conventional optical microscope digital image capture and processing to upgrade the sensing device, small size, light weight, no moving parts. Load this device into a set of ordinary optical microscope to image display, capture, recording and editing,all the functions in one single digital optical instrument to help visual.

Loaded into the various types of microscopes, connected to the computer via the USB interface, under software control to achieve real-time display, take picture, dynamic recording, measuring and editing functions. Widely used in various files biological microscopes, digital microscopes upgrade teaching.


1, compatibility wide: fit 23.2mm interfaces microscopes and other visual aids visual equipment.

2, easy connection: directly into the microscope eyepiece or camera interface, no additional magnifying glass.

3, the image powerful software: support 1280 * 1024 resolution, real-time display, shooting and dynamic recording.

4, compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to install, easy to operate, when loading all kinds of microscopes, to keep the instrument function and stability.

5, image delicate, rich colors, true color reproduction, low noise, no background disturbance.

6,Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Window2000, XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows8, Mac.


 Software features:

1 provides a physical picture of the real-time display resolution, dynamic shooting and recording capabilities.

2.R, G, B three-color real-adjustable illumination light source and the objective lens cast correction due to chromatic aberration.

3 Move the Crosshair pointer to provide real-time images on-screen instructions.

4 There are eight languages ​​to facilitate global user。


Performance Configuration
Capture mode Still photographs and motion video
Maximum static resolution 1280*1024
High dynamic resolution 1280*1024
Eyepiece port size 23.2mm
Power Supply USB接口
Weight 0.38kg
size Φ40.00mm*72.00mm
USB line 1.5m
Software features Image and video capture, editing, and Document Management
Operating System Compatibility XP,Vista,Windows7,Windows8,Mac10.4
Software languages Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Russian
PC configuration requirements CPU: PIV2.8GHZ or higher; Memory Card: 2GB or higher;     USB Interface: USB2.0 high-speed interface
Technical Parameters
Physical resolution 1280*1024
Sensitivity 1.0 V/lux-sec
Dynamic Range 71.0 dB
SNR 44.0 dB
Response Wavelength 400-650 nm (With filters)
Frame rate 17 fps@1280*1024
Preview mode 1280x1024,1280x800,1024x768,
Exposure mode ERSOr manually
Consumption Indicators 190.0 mW
WB Automatic or manual
Output Interface USB 2.0

Shipping Packages

  1. 1X microscope digital eyepiece camera
  2. One Disc: including Future Win Joe software applications and products Instructions.
  3. 1.5 m USB cable

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